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Thursday, September 17, 2009
  Casefile Clues on Genealogy Wise
I have set up a group for Casefile Clues on The link is:

I will post there and to the fan group on Facebook as time allows. Keep in mind that "news" about Casefile Clues, links to images, announcements about the newsletter, discounts, etc. are always announced on That should be your first place to check out if there has been a delay, etc.

One only has so much time for the social networking sites if one wants to keep getting the newsletter out on time with helpful information. That's my primary goal, but I do like the social sites and encourage readers to use them to discuss things from the newsletter and to let others know about Casefile Clues. We (actually I) don't have advertising on the site or in the newsletter, so help from readers in "spreading the word" is always greatly appreciated.




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I write "Casefile Clues" a weekly genealogy newsletter focusing on genealogy research methodology and interpretation. Every week I look at a record or a problem from one of the many families of my children scattered across the US and Europe. "Casefile Clues" does not try to "scoop" the latest news, rather I focus on using and interpreting records. My goal is to give you ideas to help you with your own research. Since 1995, I have written over 600 genealogy columns for both Ancestry and Eastman's Online Newsletter. My new columns for Casfile Clues are distributed only through this site.

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